The first class of apps to keep in mind when it comes to enhancing your living productivity is apps related to driving and finding your way around. These navigational GPS applications will turn your mobile device into a small portable GPS device. These applications allow you to simply plug in your location and you will be able to see nearby restaurants or even the addresses of your friends and family.

A great example of such an app is Google Maps Navigation. This application is a smaller and more compact version to the popular website Google Maps webpage. Google's Maps Application offers satellite and street views that other mobile apps do not provide.

Organization programs for the LG Thrill are also very important because they can help us stay organized and make life a lot easier for us. Organizational programs and apps can consist of apps that help you keep your schedule, make appointments, or even programs that help you take notes. It is becoming very difficult to stay on top of things that is why an application like Evernote is an essential program. Evernote allows the user to take notes, right down your grocery list and it even allows users to import written notes from your PC directly to your phone. The bottom line is that Evernote is an all-in-one application that allows you to stay organized.

Yet another class of apps that you can consider when seeking to improve your life in the area of shopping is shopping apps. Many of these programs share the same features so it really comes down to picking one that you feel comfortable with. They can help you reach your nearest malls and outlets. Shopping apps will also provide you with the best deals possible. You can even use such apps to read all sorts of reviews of stores that will help you figure out which store you are interested in visiting or purchasing things from.

The LG Thrill is a smart phone with many features and many aspects that make our daily lives very easy. Along the way, it might not be a bad idea to look into some LG Thrill 4G accessories such as a data cable, a LG Thrill 4G case, LG Thrill 4G screen protector, and a LG Thrill Bluetooth headset. Data cables are great ways to help you transfer information into and out of your smart phone; while Bluetooth wireless connectivity technology is a great way to keep connected without having to use wires.